Who is a relentless couple?

You’re head-over-heels in love with each other. You’re also head-over-heels in love with your creative wedding. You march to your own drummer; maybe you’re even a little off-beat. You have a taste for high-end, personalized service and products. You want to work with non-”Wedding Industry” creative professionals. Most of all, you want a wedding video that will bring you to tears even on your 50th wedding anniversary.

Who is relentless?

We are a couple who love empowering other couples in their wedding dreams. Jon’s years as a film industry cinematographer (see his reel!) coupled with Morgan’s talent in creatively listening for people’s visions (see her custom gowns!) make our business partnership almost as fun as our relationship !

Our wedding cinematography services include everything from video save-the-date announcements to cinematic documentation of your wedding day to chaptered DVDs you can provide your guests with. We create a cinematic, film-like product in contrast to traditional wedding videography.

Take a look at our services. Create a package that works for you. Watch our film production reel and get inspired ! We’ll be here ready to collaborate with you.


This is the experience of relentless.